We’ve updated the game (free for existing owners, as always) to bring our mobile fans up to date with the latest fish from our Steam release!


Best Mobile Games of 2016 - cnet
Games of the Year 2016 - Snappzilla
4.5 Stars - Touch Arcade

Become the greatest pirate captain that ever fished! Add more pirates to your burgeoning island town! Listen to all their nonsensical complaints! Fish in ludicrous locations like swamps, active volcanoes and the sky!

"Does just about everything right." -- Touch Arcade



- Relaxing, addictive fishing gameplay

- 6 gorgeous, otherworldly fishing environments

- Catch 130 hand-painted, scientifically-inaccurate fish

- Throw rotten fish at your rivals!

- Unlock town features like an aquarium, farm, restaurant and hacker cave!

- Decorate your house with unsettling trophies!

- Collect pirate pets, most of which have eyepatches or other classy dysfunctions.

- Pay once, no IAP, no ads.
... Read more
Kestrel Games,
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Available on:  PC, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux,
Bring civilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven, turn-based roguelike set in a humorous world inspired by Finnish mythology. Grow your civilization and plunder procedural dungeons with six unique classes. Outsmart mischievous monsters who work together in unexpected ways. No two dungeon dives are alike.StoryYou’re a simple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog. One moment, you're tending your grove -- the next, you’re lured through a mysterious portal by a talking sheep. Now you’re the prisoner of Sproggi, a mischievous forest spirit who's built a whole village just for you. You have a simple job: tame the wild creatures that roam the forests of Sproggi's realm...
Watch Sproggi's plans go awry when you discover a rival civilization on the rise to greatness. Will you choose to befriend these curious Mushroom people and stand together, or will you crush them and claim Sproggiwood for your own? Seize the day and civilize Sproggiwood now!GameplaySproggiwood distills the roguelike genre down to its core fun ingredients: inspired character classes, loads of interesting loot, and procedurally populated dungeons with monsters and traps that combine to produce totally unique tactical challenges. In Sproggiwood, adventure sessions are compact and chock-full of interesting choices for you to make. Each dungeon...
Ananias Fellowship Edition


Available on:  Android,
Thank you for *buying* this version from Google Play.

This is the Fellowship Edition for Ananias Roguelike, where you can play with the 4 extra classes: Barbarian, Slayer, Monk and Sage!

Check out the free version and then get this one if you like it.

Explore the ancient ruins, survive to the bottom level and save the world.

Every time you play the game will create a new dungeon full of challenges and surprises for you in 5 different environments populated with monsters and ancient magical artifacts.

There are six different player classes, each one designed with an unique play style. Some of them are combat focused while others must rely on the items found on the dungeon to survive.

As you advance through the game, you will find more than 40 different monsters with distinct skills and features, you will be able to charm them using magic spells and make them follow you in your quest; using ancient magic found in the dungeon you will also unlock the powers and skills hidden on their evolved forms.

Unlike classic roguelikes adapted to modern media, in Ananias there is no cumbersome movement or complex commands, however all the features from the...
Desert Island Fishing


Available on:  iOS, Android,
"Lost at sea, nothing to do but fish! Jump in to a universe overflowing with surprises and addictive re-playability in the newest game from Springloaded, winner of a Google best of 2016 Indie games award!

· Fun, simple, one-touch arcade fish catching, inspired by the greatest fishing games of all time!
· Hundreds of fish to find, all with their own unique entertaining descriptions.
· 7 Islands (plus more if you figure out how to find them). Each one has their own inhabitant who has a rich backstory to explore!
· Upgrade your gear and power up your heroes to make fishing for those boss fish a walk in the park!
· (Coming soon) Link up with your friends and play daily challenges together against the rest of the world!
· Dive deeper into the Pixona Universe! Meet fishing heroes from our other games, ,Campaign Clicker and The Last Vikings."
Kings Hero 2: Turn Based RPG


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Kings Hero 2 - is a classic tactical role-playing fantasy game with turn-based style of combat!
In the game, the player travels through a huge fantasy world.
You’ll complete some quests, fight with evil spirits,
collect ancient artifacts and toss a challenge to the strongest bosses. 
** AppAdvice - "If you enjoy the old Dungeon & Dragons, and Ultima
games, as well as strategy titles like heroes of Might & Magic, then Kings Hero may be your ..." **
Classic RPG!
Turn-based battles on a hexagonal map.
Real-time map travel.
Four character classes.
Over 20 spells – attacks, fortifications and control (can be improved).
Powerful bosses with their own unique magic abilities.
Lots of quests with awards.
Equipment improvement. 
Offline Game
No Ads and IAP
Tactical battles:
The battles, which occur on a small map with a hexagonal grid, feature a turn-based strategy.
At the start, the player can use the spell of his team, attack the enemy or order his character to move to another grid.
On some maps, the team will have to first break through fortifications – they can’t attack enemies as long as they are intact.
Bosses have at their disposal a formidable arsenal of spells – that is why it is very important to think out the moves.
Bosses can...
Azedeem: Heroes of Past. Tactical turn-based RPG.


Available on:  Android,
★ Get Idle Reward.
You get the reward even when you are not playing spend it wise to improve your heroes and spells.

★ Upgrade And Evolve Your Heroes
Collect enough resources and make your heroes stronger. Make the best of heroes synergy in exciting turn-based battles.

★ Fight against other players.
Create an undefeatable army of epic heroes and become the top 1 in the Arena of Dumuk-Adakh. Do not forget to assign loyal heroes to defend your reign.

★ Get most of heroes synergy.
Combine different powerful heroes in your army to get most of their abilities and skills. Master your turn-based tactics with right heroes and matching skills.

★ Use magic skills and scrolls.
Use deadly magic spells and skills to crush your enemy.

★ Master battle strategy.
Interesting turn-based battles will make you take time to think.

★ Do not forget about rpg aspects of the Azedeem.
Spend points to upgrade your main hero's skill tree which differs depending on selected class (warrior, mage or priest).

★ Lots of different game modes.
Take time to complete quests in "Happy Duck" Tavern or follow the campaign in Adventures, fight in Arena and Trial Of Luck or tear...
Deprofundis: Requiem


Available on:  Android,
This game is NOT a freemium game. You can play the entire game with two characters for free without having to purchase anything.

If you already purchased DeProfundis 1.0, this version is completely FREE, simply log in with your DeProfundis account. You can even get your character back from the cloud !

Have you ever wanted to play a true hack'n slash on Android? Ever think an independent developer could create a dungeon crawler with the soul of the originals hack'n slash and a deep, engaging storyline linked to a popular book series? Enjoy DeProfundis from developer Thecle with story written by popular horror author, J.C. Noir.

The land of Quelram, deep in the foothills of Oz, is facing a new threat. Someone has unlocked Pandora's Box from the labyrinths deep beneath the center of Oz, unleashing demons, zombies, and nightmares into the dungeons under Quelram. You are the captain of the guard and last line of defense for the city. You must discover what happened to the King you swore your service to before Pandora's Box unveils an entity that could destroy OZ altogether,,,

Explore massive randomly choosed dungeons, random collectable loot, and tons of player abilities with a...
Fisherman Fisher


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Embark on the ultimate adventure of the sea with Fisherman Fisher.
Smith, Jones, or Miller, it doesn’t matter who you are. Just join the action!

It's so fun, you'll be hooked before you know it!

When are you going to start? Become the captain and travel the world with Fisherman Fisher!

#Game Features
- Catch fish with various sea adventurers!
- Catch various fish and admire their beauty!
- Get on the amazing ship that you've always wanted to sail!

#Recommended for:
- Lovers of auto-progress games! (Clicker,Tap games)
- Puzzle game players who enjoy ease of play!
- People who are looking for the perfect game to kill time with!
- Seekers of addictive games!
- And all those who love simple one-touch games!

Are you looking to go on a journey of a lifetime? Then get on board and start sailing!

- Fisherman Fisher supports Tablet Mode
- The following permissions will be used for ad cache and tracking (ad views/clicks/downloads).
Adventure Legends M


Available on:  Android,
[Fresh and Relaxing Operation]

Too tired in study or work? Adventure Legends allows one-hand operation. Smooth movement, smart feedback, and easy gameplay grant you relax and pleasure.

[Three camp, all kinds of maps & open citys]

Splendid City, Broad Valley, Wild West! Multiple Element & Different Style! Represent a Different Visual Feast for You!

[Boss Hunts and Rich rewards]

High drop rate of hunting bosses in the wide magic world. Kill world bosses to collect the precious loots which make you level up and power boost.

[Resource Competition Grants Exciting Battle ]

Compete to get more resources with players from all over the world! You will be the hunter or the prey? who will be the leader of world?
Guild Battle, Camp Battle, Cross Server 3V3, Team Battle! All Kinds of PVE & PVP. Be the God of Battle, Easy-Peasy!
Panthera Frontier


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Adventure into space with your starship and crew. Discover amazing new alien species to recruit and train, and find powerful weapons to install on your craft. Uncover unique new ships to pilot and command, engaging in tactical combat where you are the commander of your forces! The vast fantasy universe of Panthera Frontier awaits, commander!

- 50% OFF LAUNCH CELEBRATION! Normal price is $9.99.
- Explore a massive fantasy universe in an endless adventure!
- Choose, train, and control a huge variety of crew!
- Fire awesome weapons in action-packed battles.
- Loads of unique craft to discover, customize & upgrade.
- Daily missions and multiple new objectives to aim for!
- IAPs can be used to progress more quickly and more easily through Panthera Frontier, but we recommend playing through using your own skill and ability first!
- Internet connection is now only required when launching the game for the first time.
BattleSky Brigade TapTap


Available on:  Android,
BattleSky Brigade: TapTap is a cute, 3D idle-clicker game where you'll build your own town - on a lush island floating in the sky!

-Tap on the screen to generate Koins!
-Construct buildings and populate your town with cute, adorable characters from the world of BattleSky Brigade!

Choose from 3 races:
Smolians - adorable, hyperactive bunnies
Plempings - grouchy, psychic flightless birds
Tecks - intelligent, technologically advanced goldfish

Build a tiny town or a bustling metropolis and watch it come to life before your eyes. The possibilities are endless!

- 200+ Buildings to construct
- 200+ Troops to unlock
- Hundreds of achievements
- Boosts to maximise progression
- Calming, cheerful ambient music and sound effects
- Fully 3D characters with unique, quirky animations
- Rich lore from the world of BattleSkyBrigade
- So much to observe and explore!

Awards won:
Top 3: Big Indie Pitch @ G-Star 2018
GameStart Asia 2018 - Visitor's Choice
SEA Game Awards 2018 - Finalist
IMGA SEA Awards 2018- Nominee

Visit us at

Follow us on Facebook at for updates!
The Quest - Celtic Rift


Available on:  iOS, Android,
An expansion by Zarista Games.
The Quest - Celtic Rift is an expansion to The Quest, a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.
After enabling the expansion, you can explore new areas and adventures. However, if you don't have The Quest, you can also play the expansion as a standalone game.
You've received a letter from King Mersant bidding you travel urgently to the Islands of Lubdan in the far away country of Loegria. When you land, you find out who really summoned you there. Be ready for adventure. You could easily die, so keep extra save files!
To access the new areas (not applicable if you are playing the expansion standalone), go to Matras harbor and talk to captain Verra, then select "Celtic Rift" as your travel destination. It's recommended you reach at least level 15 before taking on the challenges posed by this expansion.
Dice Tactics


Available on:  Android,
Do you have what it takes to battle the undead horde of the Necros? To find the artifacts of an ancient world? To change the course of history?

Journey through the campaigns of Dice Tactics to explore the world, harness your power and build your team to defeat unique and dangerous enemies. Your decisions will change the world...make them wisely.

-Familiar mechanics, new depth
Using real dice physics, the stories play out in your favorite table-top RPG manner.

-Moral choices
Throughout the campaigns, you will be confronted with moral choices that have a lasting impact on your character and the world.

-RPG character upgrades and classes
Choose your class and customize your character as you level up. Will you be a brawling damage dealer? Bend the forces of Otherworld to your will as a Summoner? Bring the forces of nature down on your enemies as a Tempest Mage? Mix and match abilities to become the ultimate weapon in the war for Kalheed.

-You know we got the loot
Every battle you will earn the chance to gain loot. Weapons, armor, dice, upgrades and buffs are all yours for the taking.

-Offline capable
Enjoy your new portable board game without being...
Hostage Negotiator


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Official app of the board game by AJ Porfirio and Van Ryder Games.

In Hostage Negotiator, you play the part of a law enforcement agent responsible for negotiating the release of hostages taken by an unscrupulous figure hell-bent on having his or her demands met.

Each turn in the game represents a conversation between you and the hostage taker. You'll play cards and roll dice to increase conversation points, decrease the threat level, and release hostages. Hostage Negotiator uses a unique "hand-building" mechanism that puts cards you purchase directly in your hand for next turn rather than leaving you wondering when the cards will show up like in deck-building games.

In Hostage Negotiator there are multiple paths to victory, but the hostage taker has other plans. Will you try to calm him and get him to surrender? Will you stall and bide your time before sending in the team for a major extraction? How many hostages will you save? These are many of the exciting decisions you will make in a game of Hostage Negotiator!

Play against 4 unique villains
Interactive tutorial teaches you the rules and basic strategy as you play
3D dice for tension filled conversation resolution...


Available on:  iOS, Android,
In the seas of the distant future, humans have all but disappeared.
Now fish and crustaceans fight great wars, shooting deadly rays of light at each other.
In your current, newly awakened state, you are no more than a piece of seafood.

But you have also been blessed with talent for leading your allies in battle.
Ransack the reefs. Discover an underwater world. Raise an army. Multiply your victories.

Do whatever it takes to become the Ace of Seafood.
Big Sport Fishing 3D


Available on:  Android,
Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 350 million downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit
Another Quest - Turn based roguelike


Available on:  Android,
Another Quest is a simple and free roguelike made for portrait mode!

💎 Infinite replayability
- Play with different heroes
- Discover more than 80 items
- Random levels. Have a new experience every times.
- Cast spells and fight against several enemies and bosses
- Fight with a broken sword or an incredibly powerful weapon!

No two runs are the same.

💎 Classical roguelike gameplay
Another Quest simplifies the genre but keeps some essential ingredients like procedural generation, turn-based and grid-based gameplay and permadeath.

💎 Simple controls and interface
You can play with one-hand! Perfect roguelike for quick games on the subway, train, or bus.

Can you defeat all bosses on the top shelf?

Achievements and leaderboard from Google Play Games.

If you experience any problem with Another Quest or have suggestions, please contact me at

Supported languages: English, French
Shooting Stars!


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Spooky Lazer Kitties all on board.

We heard your feedback to help make Shooting Stars bigger, better, faster, tastier and...scarier?! In this Halloween update for example, you can now upgrade your laz0r bullets by eating a delicious burger. And guess what happens after a Triple Heartattack Burger?... #meowsomeness

Follow your nightmares!
The Undead Rainbow Unicorn

Haunting Update Includes:
* 3 tasty burgers to upgrade your lazer bullets
* 5 new creepy bosses
* Shoot lazer bullets and Ultimate Attacks at the same time. SAY WHAAAAAAT?
* Added Ultimate Attack pickup timer
* New enemy waves
* Improved boss patterns
* Rebalanced enemy waves
* A Terrifying New Look
* Minor bugfixes


This game is the answer to one of the most important questions in life: “I can haz lazer kitty?“ Yes you can!

Shooting Stars is a refreshing colorful and funny take on the classic arcade shoot'em up, bullet hell, shmup, space invader like, whatever you want to call it – but finally, with evil aliens disguised as superstars, cats and rainbow lazers. Superstars like Justin Belieber, PewDerPie, Kanye East and many more.

Did you just say rainbow lazers? Yes! Rainbow freakin’ lazers!
Shooting Stars has over 50 stunning...
Clicker Warriors - Idle RPG


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Clicker Warriors is a free to play idle rpg clicker game. Choose your strongest hero and take an endless journey to defeat creatures of darkness.

The game lets players to choose strong heroes which can be upgraded by increasing their attributes, talents and abilities. These heroes can be equipped with unique items which can be dropped from the enemies. Each item can be upgraded to a higher rarity. Also there is a crafting system where junk items can be used as craft materials.

The game will support multi platform account system where players can play on any device with the same account.

To participate in beta and for more info please visit;

Key Features

Auto Battle - Idle / AFK System: Your heroes keep fighting even when you are offline or afk. Claim your rewards when you return to the game. Use your resources to train your heroes, upgrade your items, improve your talents, unlock new attributes and get more powerful before the mighty dragon burns you into ashes!

Endless Zones: Explore and raid endless zones by defeating epic bosses and monsters!
Character system: Unlock new heroes. Kill monsters faster and get stronger.

Loot system: Slay monsters and loot...
The Black Dungeon RPG


Available on:  Android,
The Black Dungeon RPG, also called Mari and the Black Tower, is a retro dungeon crawling RPG featuring:
-Four party members with eight unique heroes to choose from
-Retro RPG turn-based combat enhanced with instant abilities and an engaging TP system
-SNES-style graphics and music
-A ten-floor dungeon tower with 30 quests to complete
-Hundreds of items, weapons and armors to collect, monsters to defeat and bosses to slay!
-3 Difficulty modes--play on Easy for a casual experience or Hard for RPG veterans
-Offline game play with no ads or in-app purchases
-Available only in English at this time. Check recommended device specs before purchasing!
Monsters and plagues pour out of the mysterious Black Tower. Forest nymph Mari and her partner, a young amnesiac named Abbie, must gather a band of heroes to scale the tower and uncover its secrets as it threatens to end all life on earth.
Modern mid-to-high-end devices with Android 5.0 and up and over 2GB of RAM are recommended. Low-end / cheap devices and tablets will experience poor performance and be unable to play.
For support, bug reports and suggestions, feel free to email me at
Knight Eternal: Pixel RPG


Available on:  Android,
Knight Eternal is a 90s gameboy-style RPG that tells the story of Dylan and his journey across the world with the angel Astraea, the young princess Primrose, and her retainer Goliath.


-Pixel graphics and retro 8bit music SFX reminiscent of 90s handheld consoles
-Classic turn-based jRPG gameplay:
-A skill tree system used to customize each hero to the player's liking
-A crafting system where gems and monster essence are used to create relics
-Gain spells and techniques via equipment and spell orbs found around the world
-Rare Z-creatures hidden around the world that drop powerful equipment
-Three difficulty modes for casual and experienced players
-Offline game play with no ads or in-app purchases


The world of Ambrose is no stranger to calamity. After the rule of a tyrannical dragon, the machinations of a mad wizard, and a great flood that submerged entire continents, the citizens of Ambrose are long overdue for peace.

A decade has passed since the great flood. Dylan and his father Uno are sent on a mission to investigate Zamaste, a kingdom that was banished to the depths of the ocean centuries ago. During their trip across the sea, a mysterious woman falls from the...
Treasure Dungeon - Action RPG


Available on:  iOS, Android,
You are a treasure hunter who arrived to the mysterious island searching for a legendary treasure. Be ready to explore dungeons, defeat hordes of monsters and find a lot of powerful artefacts.

• Randomly generated dungeons
• Hero's progress system
• Tons of weapons and equipment
• Many monsters with unique behaviours
• No Ads or In-App Purchases

Good luck and have fun!
Roguelite: Pixel RPG


Available on:  Android,
Roguelite is a pixel dungeon crawler RPG featuring a randomly generated dungeon and a retro turn-based jRPG battle system:

-Over 200 different treasures to find, spells to cast and over 70 monsters to hunt
-A roguelike 100-floor dungeon with different environments and a boss every ten floors
-Random events can cause double monster spawns--or double the treasure!
-Form a 4-person party with 6 playable classes, including the customizeable heroine, plus 6 unlockable classes
-Normal and hard difficulties plus an unlockable Heroic difficulty
-Offline game play with no ads or in-app purchases


-CPU: 1.8GHz quad-core
(Samsung Galaxy S5 or equivalent)

Low-end devices and any device that doesn't meet the recommended CPU requirement will experience low framerate and be unable to play.

RogueLite is available in English. If you encounter any errors or have suggestions, email me anytime at
SRPG Legna Tactica


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Make use of intricate tactics to work towards peace in a grand Strategy RPG!
A story you can shape
Two boys, each with the same dream: to rid the world of war. To make that dream come true, is it better to protect the weak? Or is it better to push on forwards to gain power, even if that means losing something sometimes? In a world of turmoil, the boys’ thoughts and feelings are tossed around just like floating leaves.
Your choices can change the course of the story!
A dramatic story full of ups and downs, set in the warring Kingdom of Legna!
- Take care of which way the characters face!
The damage the characters sustain depends on the way they are facing. Think ahead when choosing the direction the characters face while waiting for their next turn!
- Make use of different land heights!
By occupying higher ground, you can gain advantage in battles. Use tactical movements to defeat the enemy!
- Make the best use of range skills!
There are powerful range skills, which can inflict damage on a number of enemies at once. There are even brutal skills which indiscriminately attack enemies and allies alike...
-Choose the characters you develop!
Choose which of the 14 characters you...
RPG Dark Seven


Available on:  Android,
SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF (USD 7.99 -> USD 3.99)!!!
A dark fantasy RPG with 7 paintings that ruined the world!

* Android 8.0 is not supported due to the occurrence of lagging.

Paintings that sent the world into chaos, a young man without his memories, and a girl that possesses dice that can determine fate. Can despair change to hope when their stories intertwine?

The story begins when a man suddenly washes up on shore in a port town. He suffers from amnesia.
But there is one name intact in his memory - the name of a girl.
One day, he meets someone with the same name, and sets out to pursue her in hopes of regaining his memories.

Swipe for powerful attacks
Swipe along the arrows when battling with manual controls to increase your damage output.
Some skills even allow you to attack continuously if you can input controls within the time limit.

Utilize the dice to win battles
Dial Dice enables Limit Abilities in battle.
A random number appears during each turn in battle, and matching that number with your actions will charge a gauge that will enable powerful skills.

Various styles (jobs) & skills
Each character has...
Fishing PRO 2020(full)-fishing simulator with chat


Available on:  Android,
Are you tired of ordinary fishing? Do you want something new? In this case, you are lucky, you found a truly

new in all respects fishing. In this game are closely intertwined two stunning and so favorite games genre:

Fishing Simulator and RPG.

What we have from good fishing:
1) Excellent design of the reservoir, bait and fish.
2) Multiple production and reservoirs
3) Interesting and addictive gameplay, you just like it
4) Live gaming chat

What do we have from RPG
1) Stunning, unique system of things, characteristics and character development.
2) A lot of tempting and delicious trunks that you love so much, each chest is your personal lottery ticket.
3) The system of tasks for which you receive chests with things.
4) The unique option "Cube transformation" allows you to change things and make of good objects - the best.
5) The ability to compare and rank yourself with the best players in the world
6) Well, of course, a lot of freebies!
Chrono Clash


Available on:  Android,
Design your hero team and lead them to victory!
Conquer the kingdom, master the job system in this turn-based tactical JRPG!

Customize your heroes equipment, skills and appearance! Design heroes that fit your playstyle. 20 job classes, over 100 skills and 200 items to choose from.

Height, positioning and timing are the key elements of the tactical gameplay in Chrono Clash. Flank enemies or attack them from high ground with ranged weapons. Clever tactics and strategy will allow you to overcome stronger foes even when outnumbered.
Play with either a dynamic camera or traditional isometric camera view.

The Kingdom of Tevalles is in turmoil after the King's death. As the new leader of your mercenary company, you are thrust into the intrigue behind the power struggles of the nobility. Embark on a journey that will change the fortunes and future of Tevalles forever.

Recommended Specifications:
Chrono Clash requires 3GB RAM, and 1.6 GHz quad-core / 1.8 GHz dual-core. It is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note7 and any devices with higher processors for optimized gameplay. You will need a network connection to play. Chrono Clash requires about 800MB of free storage space to download.

Join our...
Fate and Fortune Tactics


Available on:  Android,
Whether by Fate or Fortune, you have been given the opportunity to rebuild the Kingdom
As a mercenary leader, you must choose the right tactics on the battlefield. Between battles, decide whom to hire, what contracts to take and how to train and equip your mercenaries.

Classic Tactics systems and more!
Select from the classic isometric camera view or a dynamic action focused camera. Easy to understand grid based tactics system with height and directional systems.

Unparalleled Customization in a tactics game:
Customize the gear, skills and appearance of your mercenaries! Mix and match skills from 20 job classes waiting to be unlocked and discovered.

Recommended Specifications:
Requires 3GB RAM, and 1.6 GHz quad-core / 1.8 GHz dual-core. You will need a network connection and 600MB of free storage space to play.
Ragnarok Poring Pop


Available on:  Android,
※ What is PORING POP?

- An easy and simple popping puzzle type game.
- Earn points by touching two or more blocks that are together.
- Popping 100 blocks activates the exciting fever time! A chance to reach for the top score!!
- Each Poring has unique skills!
- Use your own play style to obtain tons of points!
- The thrilling Poring Pop! Experience the fun!

※ Access permission notice

▶Required Access Permission
- Access to device, photo and media: required for installation and storage of game data.

▶ Optional Access Permission
Access to photos
- Permission is required to select a profile image.

▶ How to change the access permission
- Operating system 6.0 or higher: Settings> Application manager> Select app>

Permissions> Change access permission
- Operating system 6.0 or under: Access permission cannot be changed. Only allowed by deleting the app.

* The app can be used even when access to optional permissions are denied.

▶ Privacy Policy

▶ Terms of Service
RPG Record of Agarest War


Available on:  Android,
** NexusPlayer & AndroidTV supported ! Play this awesome game on a big screen TV ^^
HyperDevbox is proud to announce that the massively popular tactical role-playing game (J-RPG) for home video game consoles Sony (PS3) and Microsoft (XBOX360), Record of Agarest War (English version), is now available for Android.
It was the end of the age of gods... An age that ended when the door to oblivion was opened.
There were five continents in the world of Agarest, each one pierced by a great pillar that towered toward the sky. These soaring monuments were the gods themselves.
The beginning of our story and the end of the age of myth find their start on the continent of Lucrellia when a young man named Leonhardt sacrifices everything, even his future and his children, to protect an elven girl. At death's door, he pledges himself to a contract...
This is the final tale of the gods; a story woven in souls across generations...
Game features :
* 3D Battle Scenes.
* Witness the Soul Breed system! Choose a bride at the end of your adventure and give birth to the hero of the next generation!
* Position your forces on the battlefield and wait for the right moment...
Partia 2


Available on:  iOS, Android,
Partia 2 is a SRPG (Strategy Role-playing) video game inspired by Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, the game will take players through an adventure where magic and sword collide and friendship and betrayal intertwine.
Partia 2 : The Pretenders War is a sequel to Partia: The Broken Lineage. The game packs 22 stages that could present challenges to any SRPG fan.
Partia 2 introduces many new features, including the choice of "Common turn" rule where all factions make moves alternatively (like Chess) instead of taking turns to move all his/her units. I believe this will bring a new nuance to gameplay if a player choose to do so. It can be toggled in intermission, and you can always play the game in the traditional FE way. (Common turn idea is from Berwick Saga) AI had improved a lot, and horse units now can move after attacking, if they have remaining move distances.
Regrettably, the game could not deliver large animation battle. If you felt the game looked bad in Partia 1, then you'll find this game look much the same, except we have much bigger and nicer character portraits. It is because original Partia was...
Harpoon FRVR - Spear Fishing Gone Wild


Available on:  Android,
Ahoy, Matey! You're the Captain of this fishing vessel and the hold is ready to receive your catch. Are you ready for a fishing adventure? Tap the screen to shoot the harpoon and pull in as many fish as you can before time runs out. So fisherman, set up your hooks and reeds and get on the boat ready to become the #1 angler in the best spearfishing game.

Play Harpoon FRVR and you’ll get hooked for hours! Easy to play but challenging and engaging, the best option for both kids and adults!


You'll need master fishery skills to keep this game in play because lurking below the surface is all kinds of undesirable debris that will steal both points and time. But there is help available too! Spear the drifting clocks to add time to your game. Harpoon FRVR offers hours of action-filled fun that continues to entertain. Spear jellyfish to score boatloads of additional points and learn how the different species can benefit your score.

Cast your hook as deep as possible into the ocean, to reel back as many fish as you can. The more different kind of fishes you hit, the better score and rewards...
Captain Legend


Available on:  Android,
Captain Legend is a pirate-theme mobile card RPG which will bring you back to the Middle Ages to hunt hidden treasure and experience ultimate sea battles. Become a great pirate captain, lead your crew to ride the wind and waves, gather your powerful fellows! Join TODAY to conquer the ocean and write your own pirate legend!


* Collect Legendary Pirates
Recruit and evolve 100+ classic pirates to boost combat power, create the strongest array to take down your enemies in 5v5 battles and conquer the ocean!

* Upgrade Warships
Unlock different gorgeous warships of A/S/SS classes, upgrade the strength of your whole team!

* Explore Exciting Activities
Dive into dazzling PVP/PVE battles & mysterious realms, spend wonderful game time with friends!

* Join The Best Guild
Great pirate always has a pack of companions, join the guild to attend guild battle and obtain rare resources together with your members. Let's fight for glory!



My little Monster


Available on:  Android,
A World of Dreams and Fantasies! The feast of adventure in the Island!
Save the island world from the Golackgon threat with various monster friends!
We invite you to the world of My Little Monster, a simple but unlimited fun.

[Game features]
• Easy to play, easy to enjoy
• Swipe and Shake Attack Methods combined with the basic touch screen attack!
• Go on an expedition with monster friends with a simple Touch`n Play!
• Let's hatch monster eggs or tame monsters that we met through explorations!

A cute monster which perfect suits you!
Babyduck, Mewmew, Mellow, Bling… Cute monsters set that stimulate collecting desires.
Challenge adventure with various monster friends in the meadows, seas, jungles, sky, and volcanoes!

[Request App Permissions]
■ Permission Select
• Storage space (photo/media/file)
The permission is required to receive inquiries through a 1:1 customer center
in the game for used to attach stored files within the device.

• Terminal information
The permission is required to receive inquiries through a 1:1 customer center
in the game for used to verify the information on the device and cellular network information.

※ Selective access rights are available without consent to permission.
Cluck Night


Available on:  iOS, Android,
*Cluck Night is an asymmetrical cartoon-style competitive game for mobile devices featuring real-time 4v1 action-filled gameplay.*
A brand-new game published by Coconut Island Game, and developed by Thunder Cat Games.


At the Horror Farm of Cluck Night you can take the role of either a human or a chicken. A bunch of utterly bored aliens beamed up four fowl on a stroll and before tossing them back to Earth, made a couple of modifications to them. The extraterrestrial journey endowed them with peculiar abilities, which naturally has left mankind somewhat concerned. Who knows? With their powers they might try taking over the world! Being enslaved by their own clucking livestock was not a prospect that appealed to the humans. Hence, they took the sensible course of action—and locked the four offending fowl up in a specialized farm. The modifications they underwent may have granted them superfowl powers and advanced brainpower, but at the end of the day, they’re still just chickens. Will the poor birds escape from Horror Farm before sunrise? Or will mankind succeed in retaining their rightful place, at the top of the evolutionary chain?
You may play either as the clucking escapees themselves (each with their...
Fishing Island


Available on:  Android,
“Fishing Island” is a game where you will take the fishing skills from your local grandfather and challenge the sea fishing championship.

- Free mobile game
- No ad
- Sea(Iso) Fishing mobile game
- Touch to Hook, Reel to Catch!
- Set equipments from tackle box to catch various fishes!
- Challenge with World wide angles in Real-Time!
- Challenge the hall of fame!
- Strategically target the fish using fish book!
Sea of Lies: Burning Coast


Available on:  Android,
Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete the adventure!

A strange plague has been sweeping through coastal towns and you have traveled to Port Talbot to help find a cure. Upon your arrival, the town is evacuated to the neighboring Wellport and you find yourself trapped in a madman’s plan!

You’ve been informed that the epidemic occurred decades ago, but being wary of this accepted belief, you soon discover that someone is behind the disease. Find the culprit and save Port Talbot before it’s too late!

Get closer to discovering the city’s shameful past by searching through enticing hidden object scenes.

Find the clues you need to close in on the chemist by playing through entertaining mini-games and unique puzzles!

Continue to fight against evil in the bonus game and also enjoy Collector’s Edition exclusives including souvenirs and collectible items.

• Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles!
River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure


Available on:  Android,
River Legends is an indie fly fishing simulation adventure in the great outdoors. Explore the wonders of Pine Canyon while searching for trophy fish amidst serene, retro landscapes.

River Legends Fly Fishing Game Features:

■ Explore the far reaches of a wild canyon in glorious pixel art

■ Pursue multiple species of challenging fish with realistic AI, each with their own fly and weather preferences

■ Choose the best tackle based on water conditions​ - wet, dry, and streamer flies

■ Cast your fly fishing line with real-time controls

■ Adventure into an array of fishing environments including forgotten canyons, dark forests, rugged alpine lakes, sylvan ponds, and more.

■ No In-App-Purchases (IAP) or paid downloadable content (DLC) - everything is included, unlike many fishing games
Dawn Crisis: Survivors


Available on:  Android,
Forest at dawn,surrounded by crisis.
You can see,Flickering eyes like ghosts.
You can hear,Mourning from Hell.
You can smell,The rotten breath of blood and death.
Here is the gap between the doomsday world.Life is still alive.
Pick up your weapon,Stay alive until the final dawn.

Keep hope
The world has collapsed. Viruses, infectious agents, and harsh living conditions threaten the lives of survivors at all times.
There is hope only when alive.

To live,Be strong
Each beast attack, zombie frenzy can improve your skills and talents.Increase your survival rate in the next battle.

Choose weapons
Choose from hundreds of firearms and weapons to improve your zombie killing ability.Restore the real shooting feeling.

Monster evolution
Different species formed after human and monsters infection.Watch out for how they attack.
Clickbait - Tap to Fish


Available on:  Android,
Tap to fish and get hooked on Clickbait: Tap to Fish, the idle fishing tycoon game of 2019! Upgrade your bait, capture rare fish, expand to new lakes and become an expert angler!

This is an idle fishing game like you've never seen. Boat your way to bigger lakes, automate your fishing operation, unlock new perks, reel in investments, and let a new generation of fishermen carry your legacy to conquer the biggest lakes!

Clickbait: Tap to Fish Features:

Become an Idle Fish Tycoon
-Discover & Catch Rare Fish!
-Expand to new fishing lakes!
-Upgrade your equipment!

Limited Time Events
- Get Hooked on Limited Time Events to catch rare fish!
- Strategically select the best idle skills for each situation!
- Tap Fast to Catch the Most Fish!

Catch Exotic Fish
- Each lake has tons of exotic fish to catch!
- Idle the day away catching 100's of varieties of fish!

Retire & Keep Idling
- A unique genre fusion - play as much or as little as you like!
- Pass your fishing pole to the next generation for big bonuses!
- Tap to fish or let your nets do the work for you!

Lovers of fishing...
Tactics Maiden RPG


Available on:  Android,
Tactics Maiden is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG where the player has to conquer enemy outposts scattered throughout the battlefield.

[Toucharcade 4.5 / 5]: "Tactics Maiden is an excellent strategy RPG that any fan of the genre should try out."
[Pocket Gamer 8 / 10]: "Super old-school, but it proves SRPGs still have plenty of depth and charm".

What sets Tactics Maiden apart is a strong enemy AI and flexible character builds with skill points that can be redistributed at will.

Each battle presents its very own challenges, so the player has to refine his strategies and his army of heroes and mercenaries constantly.
All player units are carried over from scenario to scenario, and the units can be customized to a high degree: A complex skill system, more than 1000 equipable items, customized unit names.

Tactics Maiden comprises a compelling medieval fantasy story connecting all 85 scenarios, as well as 36 unique character classes, and over 70 special skills like 'Heal', 'Shield Allies', 'Ambush', or 'Magic Missile'.

Thanks to its 5 difficulty settings that can be adjusted mid-game, Tactics Maiden is suited for both novice players and veteran strategy gamers.

The first 8 scenarios are free to play. The...
Chimera Recollect


Available on:  iOS, Android,
【Features of Chimera Recollect】

 ・Grow stronger with the Chimera System!
 ‎・Exhilarating battles!
 ・A vast world to explore repeatedly!

【What is the Chimera System?】

 ・Defeat and copy your enemies!
 ・You can use the skills that you enemies use!
 ・Unlimited combinations!

【Exhilarating Battles】

 ・Easy to use controls!
 ・Break your enemies to pieces!
 ・Use skills to conquer your enemies!

【Vast World】

 ・You can fight strong enemies or meet people in towns.
 ・Explore the world however you like.
 ・Discover a roguelike never-ending world.
Fantalong - Funny Heroes Adventure


Available on:  Android,
Something wierd aspiring Heros' story just begin!
These pre-Heros can be Real Heros?

▶▶ Features ◀◀

- Weird and strange, BUT attractive.
- Unexpectable heros, such as giraffe, robot, fly, even an alien.
- Grave, shore on the clouds, cooking lava zone. Stages of the dream world.
- A mother of Hero, the phoenix.

▷ So easy, so so fun.

- Evolved auto-play RPG game.
- Complete deck with combination of heros.
- Nuclear tuna bomb!! Lizard laser!! tumultuous user skills.

▷ Diversity

- More than 300 heros, can be compose until rank 5.
- From deep in the sea to the universe. various stage!
- PVP mode. Compose your deck with various heros, Fight with other users.
- Challenge mode. Check your heros' power and get reward!
- Hero collection. collect all heros, display and enjoy!

▷ Fun rewards

- Rewards come from PVP ranking.
- Fairy and Goblin.Good buddy to fill your deficiency.
- Hourly events. Get free items such as gold, diamond, popcorn.

▶ Go far as you can go, Be strongest one as you can be, and conquer the Fantalong world ◀


* You need the network connection to play this game.

* Contact us...